We have over 25 years of experience providing marble installation & fabrication in Toronto.

Since 1991 Anthony Marrese (President and Founder) has built his reputation on fabricating and installing the highest quailty stone surfaces at rapid speed.  His expertise from concept, to supply, to fabrication and installation has gained him many statisfied long term customers, that will testify that using MOSCONE MARBLE is a very rewarding experience.  
It is our goal to work with your design/construction team in developing a clear and detailed execution to meet your construction schedule. Moscone Marble is a master fabricator and industry leader that is set apart from any other fabrication company in the city. 

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 Moscone Marble has been serving Architects, Designers, Developers, Contractors, and Retail Partners for the past 25 years. From office buildings to high-rise  condominiums/low rise houses, our experience and knowledge will ensure a job well done and we are eager to work with projects of any size/scope. The Moscone Marble team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best quality and customer service.


Estimating, specifications, product usage, product limitations, application, installation.


Expertise in design and value engineering for budgetary goals without sacrificing quality.


Maintenance techniques and LEED data partner.


Cerfified fabricator with a state of the art fabication plant that provides the highest quality stone surfaces at rapid speed from large volume projects to single homes.


Prompt and precise installation within the southern Ontario areas.


To ensure precision and accuracy for fabrication.


Hundreds of slabs domestic and imported marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, porcelain and special purpose materials. As well as engineered quartz such as Caesarstone, Cosentino, Dekton, Zodiaq, Q Stone, Hanstone, LG and solid surfaces such as Dupont Corian.


Supplier of Blanco, Frigidaire, Koler, Grophe.


We preseal all natural stone countertops prior to delivery.  HG stone and quartz cleaners and sealers.  For construction builders we provide a plastic protection to all our countertops.


Office centers, public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, casinos and restaurants.


High-rises condominiums and low rise subdivisions and private homes.

Moscone Marble has received an award from the ICI Water Audit & Capacity Buy Back Program in recognition of efforts to reduce the amount of city water used in production by the implementation of a water recycling system. 

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, and constructed. Designers, architects, developers and builders are being asked to explore LEED point qualifying materials and a natural stone surface is a winning choice. LEED works for all buildings and projects pursuing LEED certification to earn points across several areas that address sustainability issues. Based on the number of points achieved, a project can achieve Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum status. Let the Moscone Marble team assist you in this process.


Since the purchase of our new facility in Vaughan, Moscone Marble houses state of the art technology with five CNC machines and automated conveyor belts, including the Champion 5 saw, which is exclusive to Moscone in North America. This enables continuous cutting and the capacity to produce large volumes of stone countertops.

While many stone fabricators have limited production capacity, we are able to produce several counter tops and vanities per shift. Capable of running multiple shifts, Moscone Marble consistently guarantees quality as well as delivery within tight scheduled timelines.

For our designer and retail customers, enjoy complete shopping for custom countertops, vanities, and other custom stonework while browsing through a wide array of stone slabs available for any application.

In addition to countertops, fireplaces and vanities, our newest technologies offer customers custom cutting of stone baseboards in a variety of profiles, sloped shower bases, and many other possibilities all available in an array of materials.

All custom stone pieces are fabricated on site, and installed in the final project.


Moscone Marble has been providing excellence to their customers since 1991.

 Builders            Designers           Cabinet Makers           Retail



BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS & DEVELOPERS. Moscone Marble realizes the importance of a successful project, and we know we are partners in this process. We are dedicated to our Home builders and Contractors in achieving their goals of high quality surfaces, and prompt service. Moscone Marble is committed to their customers in providing professional estimates, value engineering solutions, from concept, to supply, to fabrication and installation.  Moscone Marble also realizes the importance of excellent after service and it is this philosophy that has made us the industry’s 1st choice for over two decades.




DESIGNERS & RETAIL CUSTOMERS. Moscone Marble works with designers and retail customers in achieving the perfect design concepts. Our slab gallery and 23,000 sqft designer showroom is staffed with the most knowledgable sales people second to none. We will provide personalized consultation for our customers from concept to installation with unsurpassed selection of granite, marble, quartzite engineered quartz, faucets and sinks.  We can place custom orders for special projects and source any type of material from a multitude of suppliers worldwide.

CABINET MAKERS. Moscone marble provides quality countertops for many prominent cabinet makers in the GTA. Our sales people welcome our cabinet makers customers and will assist them in selecting and tagging the perfect stone for their project. Since Moscone marble is the fabricator, we can also professionally fabricate any stone slab from any other slab supplier, we are the ‘go to’ fabricator in the city. 




Visit our showroom & slab gallery at 8830 Jane St., south of Rutherford


Natural Stone, Engineered stone, Exotic stone, and Faucets & Sinks.


Marble is a stone made of earth’s calcium formations (Metamorphic rock) that can be polished to a high glass like gloss finish.  Marble surfaces can be used in an interior or exterior application such as feature walls, floors, countertops, fireplaces and staircases.

Granite is a stone made of the earth’s quartz (Igneous Rock) it is the most dense stone available where the molecules are so tightly compacted it makes this stone very resistant to stains and scratches.  Granite is suitable for interior or exterior surfaces.  For an exterior floor application granite is usually flamed to an anti slip surface to help prevent slipping during wet and icy conditions.  For interior application granite is the most popular preferred choice for kitchen countertops due to it’s strength and resistance to stains and scratches and for it’s classic beauty.

Travertine is a stone made of calcium carbonate based limestone (Sedimentary rock) that can be polished to a medium sheen finish.  Travertine’s distinguishing characteristic is the “air holes” that can be as large as a dime. Therefore travertines are available either in it’s natural state with the holes unfilled for a feature wall application or with the air holes resin filled and honed/polished.

Limestone is a stone made of the earth’s sedimentary rock formations. Limestone has a satin smooth finish and usually can not be polished to a gloss finish. Limestone can be used in an interior or exterior application such as countertops, fireplaces, feature walls and floors.

Onyx is a stone made from chalcedony rock usually found in South American areas and Indian states.  Onyx’s distinguishing characteristic is that it is the only natural stone that is partially translucent, where a light can shine through and brighten the stone.  Onyx can be polished to a high glass like gloss finish.  Onyx can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Slate is a stone made from a fine grain sedimentary rock.  Slate is usually produced with a vein like stippled or a smooth honed surface.  It can be used for an interior or exterior applications.

Quartz (engineered stone) Quartz surface products are manufactured from up to 93% quartz (one of nature’s hardest minerals) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments that are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. Quartz slabs are then post cured, gauged to precise thicknesses, and polished to an enduring shine.


Polished. A smooth and shinny traditional finish

Honed. A smooth, non reflective surface

Leather. A surface with a subtle slightly wavy finish

Bushed Hammer. A dull surface with a rough textrure




Natural stones represent timeless beauty and contain highly sought-after materials from all over the world. Create your masterpiece with our collection.

Our natural stone collection includes marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, onyx and semi-precious stones. 

Grey/SilverWhiteBeige & GoldBlackBrownGreenRedRoseJuparanaBlue/LabradorMulti

 Engineered stone is the most popular stone purchased today due to its radiating beauty, as well as its low-maintenance, durable and eco friendly features.

Our engineered collection includes CaesarStone, Viatera®, Concetto, Silestone Quartz, ECO by Cosentino, HanStone, Zodiac, & Corian.

CaesarStoneViateraConcettoSilestoneEco by CosentinoHanstoneZodiaqCorian
caesarstone-logoCaesarStone is the original quartz-based surface and have perfected the process through the years. The hardness of quartz makes the surface durable and non porous. It never has to be sealed. Cleaning and maintaining is simple, the surface is stain and scratch resistant. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE CAESARSTONE COLLECTION.

Viatera® quartz surface is designed and created around the idea that a countertop is more than a place where meals are prepared. It is where good memories are born. Whether you’re looking for a surface that stands up to the demands of daily life, or a surface that resists the wear of commercial applications, Viatera® allows you the freedom to create a space that truly reflects the beauty and wonder of life. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE VIATERA COLLECTION.

CaesarStone’s inspirational new masterpiece collection, the unique Concetto range, is an unmatched collection of extraordinary surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. A harmonious blend of art, nature and technology, Concetto is created by fusing nature’s hues and designs with individually cut semi-precious stones to form the ultimate luxury stone surface – a dream for designers and architects alike. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE CONCETTO COLLECTION.

Silestone Quartz combines functionality, durability and beauty. Silestone is non porous and therefore stain and scratch resistant. It never needs to be sealed like granite does. There is something for everyone with over 70 different colours in the collection. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE SILESTONE COLLECTION.

ECO by Cosentino is a durable surface made of 75% recycled content composed of post-industrial or post-consumer materials and is bound by an environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil. During the manufacturing process of ECO, 94% of the water used is recycled, thus minimizing the consumption of a very important resource. All of the minerals used in the production of ECO come from quarries that are fully restored under strict stewardship programs and the manufacturing process is strictly controlled to avoid emissions of any harmful particles into the air. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE ECO BY COSENTINO COLLECTION.

HanStone combines various types, sizes and colours of quartz to produce a wonderfully durable and beautiful surface. HanStone is stain, scratch and heat resistant. It is non porous. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE HANSTONE COLLECTION.

Experience the natural beauty and durability of quartz blended with Dupont innovation in Zodiaq. Every colour is chosen and developed by architects and designer using the latest trends. Zodiaq helps you create functional and aesthetically appealing spaces that you will love for a lifetime. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE ZODIAQ COLLECTION.

Corian is the ultimate design choice. Let your imagination run wild with over 100 colour selections, inconspicuous seams, and the ability to shape the material into a multitude of forms. It is renewable and nonporous, making it perfect for the kitchen and spaces where exceptional hygiene is imperative. CLICK TO VIEW THE ENTIRE CORIAN COLLECTION.

 Exotic stone offers unique style and beauty. These stones can be lit-up from behind, create unique colour effects & add original touches to an area.

View our exotic stone collection below.

Our Faucet & Sink Collection includes Artisan, Blanco & Frigidaire.

View our collection below.

 Whether you want a traditional look or looking for something more contemporary, Artisan offers vast styles to bring your kitchen/bath to life. The handcrafted sinks are produced with extreme care and are intended to be the focal point of their setting. The heavy gauge stainless steel sinks are finished to a durable & long lasting high ouster satin finish with extraordinary configurations. The styling of Artisan faucets are intended to be among the most appealing available in the industry.

Impeccable quality, innovative design, unmatched attention to detail, and technically superior craftsmanship are the result of more than 80 years of experience at BLANCO in kitchen sink and workstation design and manufacture. From finely detailed, handcrafted stainless steel sinks to the natural warmth of SILGRANIT®, to the elegant artistry of BLANCO faucets, BLANCO products continue to be recognized worldwide for their unmatched quality and timeless beauty.

Frigidaire® is committed to designing impeccable items that are high-performing, time-saving, easy-to-use and that help you get the job done right so you’re freed up to enjoy the things you love. What sets Frigidaire® apart is their artisan craftsmanship — absolutely beautiful and timeless design for today’s home. The handcrafted stainless steel sinks offerquality, style and dependability and will never disappoint. Click below to view the collection.

Engineer Quatz Slab Cleaning

For everyday, routine cleaning of engineered quartz we recommend wiping the surface with warm soapy water (a mild detergent) and a damp cloth. These surfaces are virtually non-porous, it will keep its lustrous gloss and ultra smooth surface without polishing and it never needs sealing. Never attempt to polish the surface on your own, and avoid prolonged rubbing in one spot when cleaning. Food Preparation We always recommend cutting on an appropriate cutting board and never directly on the engineered quartz surface to avoid blunting kitchen knives or damaging the surface.

Stone Slab Sealers

Since most natural stones are by no means impervious to staining, very often a penetrating sealer may be applied for protection. The stone product will be thoroughly sealed with layers of silicone impregnator. This will help to protect against water, oil, and the sources of other common household stains. Even when sealed, there is no method to protect a stone 100% from wear and stains.

Stone Slab Etchers

Common etchers of stone include: Any acid-based food or sauce, such as citrus and tomato, Red Wine, Mustard, and Oils such as butter, margarine and cooking oils. These should not remain on a natural stone surface for any length of time, even if that surface is sealed. Stones should be wiped clean with a warm, dampened cloth immediately when contact with any of these substances is made. If a natural stone surface has been accidentally damaged and/ or stained there are stone restorers that may be able to remedy a problem.

Porcelain slab Care

porcelain slabs are a very durable and hygienic solid hard surface, impervious to stain absorption. All that is needed to clean them is warm water. However, for severely soiled tiles where some product is required, use only professional/industry approved products or a very mild, thoroughly diluted soap.


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